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The multiple choice questions in this online test paper focuses on Head / Neck MCQ. If you are looking for self evaluation of your PG Medical entrance exam preparation then this online Head / Neck MCQ Test Paper will help you to evaluate your exam preparation.


1- This online MCQ practice test paper contains 30 questions.
2- Each question in this online practice test paper have four options and only 1 option is correct.
3- You can view the answers of this practice test paper after submitting the practice test paper.
Note: The answers mentioned at the end of practice test are the best suitable option as per our knowledge. Users shall cross-check the answers with their textbooks.

Q 1. hepatocellular hepcidin production is regulated by


Q 2. Juvenile Paget disease pattern of inheritance is


Q 3. how many monomers of ferritin constitutes ferritin complex


Q 4. cell types that determine body iron content and distribution include


Q 5. regarding hemochromatosis true statement includes


Q 6. non transferrin bound iron is best related to


Q 7. products of type I collagen includes


Q 8. reticuloendothelial cells obtain most of their iron from


Q 9. hepcidin structural properties are similar to


Q 10. osteoprotegerin encoded by which gene


Q 11. systemic regulation of iron absorption is mediated by


Q 12. Brim sign is


Q 13. most dynamic iron compartment


Q 14. transferrin receptor 1 mediates


Q 15. second generation bisphosphonate includes all except


Q 16. regulation of iron metabolism is by


Q 17. secondary iron overload state includes


Q 18. first step in iron metabolism includes


Q 19. hepcidin mediates hypoferremia associated with infection and inflammation is an acute phase reactant of type


Q 20. Howship’s lacunae associated with


Q 21. Paget disease radiological finding includes


Q 22. iron released from enterocytes binds to free sites on the plasma iron transport protein which is


Q 23. enterocytes iron content regulates iron absorption through its effect on


Q 24. potencies of various bisphosphonate are expressed relative to that of


Q 25. hemochromatosis due to transferrin receptor 2(TFR2) mutation is


Q 26. intravenous bisphosphonate includes


Q 27. iron stored in hepatocytes contributed mainly by non transferrin binding iron in the form of


Q 28. enterocytes tension regulates iron absorption through its effect on transcription factor


Q 29. major clinical manifestation of hemochromatosis includes


Q 30. marker of bone formation and resorption respectively are


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