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The multiple choice questions in this online test paper focuses on GASTROINTESTINAL AND LIVER DISEASE MCQ. If you are looking for self evaluation of your PG Medical entrance exam preparation then this online GASTROINTESTINAL AND LIVER DISEASE MCQ Test Paper will help you to evaluate your exam preparation.


1- This online MCQ practice test paper contains 30 questions.
2- Each question in this online practice test paper have four options and only 1 option is correct.
3- You can view the answers of this practice test paper after submitting the practice test paper.
Note: The answers mentioned at the end of practice test are the best suitable option as per our knowledge. Users shall cross-check the answers with their textbooks.

Q 1. chronic alcohol ingestion lead to which of the following


Q 2. cytochrome P450 2E1 pathway converts alcohol to


Q 3. anti-LKM antibody seen in autoimmune hepatitis is also seen in


Q 4. type 2 autoimmune hepatitis is associated with which HLA halotype


Q 5. therapy for autoimmune hepatitis should continue for


Q 6. regarding terry s nails true statement includes


Q 7. skin texture of cheeks and nasiolabial folds in patients with alcohol related liver disease is called


Q 8. type 2 autoimmune hepatitis is associated with which antibodies


Q 9. mainstay of management in autoimmune hepatitis is


Q 10. following is considered to be precursor to cirrhosis


Q 11. type 3 autoimmune hepatitis is associated with which antibodies


Q 12. severe autoimmune hepatitis is defined as


Q 13. proportions of alcoholics develop alcoholic liver disease


Q 14. in men what quantity of ethanol produces fatty liver


Q 15. histologically earliest changes in alcoholic hepatitis are located predominantly in


Q 16. one beer (12 oz) , four ounces of wine or one ounce of 80% spirits contain how many grams of alcohol


Q 17. hallmark features of hepatocyte injury in alcoholic hepatitis are all except


Q 18. threshold for developing alcoholic liver disease in men is intake of how many grams for 10 yearsthreshold for developing alcoholic liver disease in men is intake of how many grams for 10 years


Q 19. in alcoholic hepatitis which of the following can occur in the absence of cirrhosis


Q 20. true about histopathological features of liver in autoimmune hepatitis


Q 21. folowing accelerates progression of alcoholic liver disease to cirrhosis in chronic and excessive drinkers


Q 22. type 1 autoimmune hepatitis is associated with which HLA-DR serotype


Q 23. in men what quantity and duration of ethanol consumption causes hepatitis or cirrhosis


Q 24. features favour diagnosis of autoimmune hepatitis except


Q 25. major enzyme responsible for alcohol metabolism is


Q 26. folowing is related to genetic risk factor for alcoholic liver disease


Q 27. scurfin is the protein product of which gene


Q 28. in alcoholic hepatitis AST: ALT ratio is


Q 29. in type 2 autoimmune hepatitis anti-LKM1 antibody is directed against which cytochrome


Q 30. hepatic pathologic features associated with progressive liver injury


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