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The multiple choice questions in this online test paper focuses on GASTROINTESTINAL AND LIVER DISEASE MCQ. If you are looking for self evaluation of your PG Medical entrance exam preparation then this online GASTROINTESTINAL AND LIVER DISEASE MCQ Test Paper will help you to evaluate your exam preparation.


1- This online MCQ practice test paper contains 31 questions.
2- Each question in this online practice test paper have four options and only 1 option is correct.
3- You can view the answers of this practice test paper after submitting the practice test paper.
Note: The answers mentioned at the end of practice test are the best suitable option as per our knowledge. Users shall cross-check the answers with their textbooks.

Q 1. lipolytic enzymes secreted by pancreas are


Q 2. erythematous skin nodules in acute pancreatitis is due to


Q 3. fat necrosis associated with pancreatic disease is seen in


Q 4. enzyme enterokinase is found in


Q 5. following is a risk factor for severe acute pancreatitis


Q 6. Kazal type (SPINK 1) is best related to


Q 7. drug related acute pancreatitis


Q 8. following can lyse and inactivate trypsin


Q 9. CCK releasing factor (CCK-RF) is present in


Q 10. Cullens sign of severe necrotizing pancreatitis is due to


Q 11. risk factors for ERCP pancreatitis include


Q 12. what level of hypertriglyceridemia causes acute pancreatitis


Q 13. pancreas secretes following enzymes


Q 14. proteolytic enzymes secreted as inactive precursors are called


Q 15. enzymes that cleaves lysine isoleucine bond of trypsinogen to form trypsin is


Q 16. in pancreatitis cellular injury results in liberation of


Q 17. type of trypsinogen in human pancreatic juice include all except


Q 18. Turner sign of severe necrotizing pancreatitis is due to


Q 19. cathepsin is best related to


Q 20. bicarbonate in pancreatic secretion is related to


Q 21. exudation of blood and plasma proteins into retroperitoneal space due to activated proteolytic enzymes in acute pancreatitis is termed as


Q 22. increased incidence of pancreatitis is due to deficiency of


Q 23. Pearson syndrome is characterized by


Q 24. prtease inhibitors are found in


Q 25. following statements is false


Q 26. abdominal pain due to pancreatitis location


Q 27. serum triglycerides elevated by all except


Q 28. activation , chemoattraction & sequestration of neutrophils in pancreas occur in which phase of pancreatitis


Q 29. most common cause of acute pancreatitis


Q 30. false about bile salts


Q 31. following is an accurate predictor of sverity and death when measured early in the course of acute pancreatitis


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