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The multiple choice questions in this online test paper focuses on REPRODUCTIVE BIOLOGY/ REPRODUCTIVE MEDICINE / INFERTILITY MCQs. If you are looking for self evaluation of your PG Medical entrance exam preparation then this online REPRODUCTIVE BIOLOGY/ REPRODUCTIVE MEDICINE / INFERTILITY MCQs Test Paper will help you to evaluate your exam preparation.


1- This online MCQ practice test paper contains 30 questions.
2- Each question in this online practice test paper have four options and only 1 option is correct.
3- You can view the answers of this practice test paper after submitting the practice test paper.
Note: The answers mentioned at the end of practice test are the best suitable option as per our knowledge. Users shall cross-check the answers with their textbooks.

Q 1. proximal bronchiectasis, eosinophilia and asthma is seen in


Q 2. persistent coarse crepitation in the chest is diagnostic of


Q 3. What is “diaphragmatic excursion”?


Q 4. Which of the following are the only accessory muscles of expiration?


Q 5. in the treatment of cereberal fat embolism all are true except


Q 6. fat embolism include all except


Q 7. fat embolism include all except


Q 8. normal excursion of diaphragm is


Q 9. contraindication of resection of bronchogenic carcinoma is


Q 10. regarding bronchial asthma all are bad prognostic factors except


Q 11. Which of the following statements is true regarding fat embolism


Q 12. ARDS feature includes all except


Q 13. Fat embolism of what organs capillarIes is most dangerous?


Q 14. Pulmonocoronary reflex develops in:


Q 15. all are true regarding bilateral diaphragmatic paralysis except


Q 16. pneumothorax occurs in all except


Q 17. commonest cause of non-progressive pneumothorax is:


Q 18. 100% O2 improves cyanosis in all except


Q 19. Fat embolism is possible in:


Q 20. Kussmaul`s breathing is due to the presence of


Q 21. maximum diaphragm excursion is


Q 22. paradoxical breathing is characteristic of


Q 23. Which of the following is the primary muscle of respiration during quiet breathing?


Q 24. commonest cell type found in bronchoalveolar lavage is


Q 25. cardinal sign of respiratory arrest is


Q 26. causes of acute pulmonary edema are all except


Q 27. normal ventilation perfusion rate is


Q 28. thymic mass is associated with all except


Q 29. amyloidosis occurs in all except


Q 30. acute bronchial asthma can be treated with all except


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